Contracting Essentials – Who is your Contract With?

There are a few fundamental questions we ask our clients about every potential contract dispute that comes our way. One that’s nearly at the top of the list is this: who is your contract with? Now that might sound like a silly question to some, but in a world with sole traders, partnerships, trusts, companies, […]


Cyber Attacks: Why we blame the business and not the attackers

Rather than businesses being perceived as a ‘victim’ of cyber attacks, growing public perception is that they are ‘failures’ who did not have adequate cyber security measures in place. THE TRUE COST OF CYBER-ATTACKS While the cyber attacker maintains anonymity, a business’s good name and reputation is irreparably harmed as the public loses trust. This […]


Is your Business Eligible for Rent Relief, and How Do You Make it Happen?

While many businesses are shut down entirely as a result of the response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), others are doing their best to make ends meet. Although the JobKeeper scheme recently introduced by the Australian government will assist with the largest expense that many businesses pay from month-to-month, the next most pressing concern for many Australian […]


21 and a Half Ways to Protect and Grow your Business

Now more than ever taking stock of your business processes and systems is a worthwhile endeavour. While there are many things you can’t control, there are some you can. To help you ask the right questions and look at the right areas, we’ve put together a list of things to consider if you want to […]


Can you Use Coronavirus to Get Out of your Construction Contract?

Whether you believe that the coronavirus situation is a media beat-up or a genuine pandemic of apocalyptic proportions, there’s a decent chance that if you’re in the construction industry it’s going to affect you in some way. The reason is clear: lots of stuff you need for your project is made in China (specifically), and […]


Importance of keeping company records updated with ASIC

Changing your personal address or the address of your company may be a busy and stressful time, with many tasks to take care of whilst trying to carry on as normal. It is, however, an obligation of a director or secretary to ensure certain details are kept up to date with the Australian Securities & Investment Commission […]


To franchise or not to franchise?

PBL’s five key tips and traps for the franchisor Once upon a time there was a franchisor who decided to open up a range of franchises in several industries including cleaning, appliance rentals, business systems, and other goods and services. The franchisor thought these franchises were a good idea, but did not check to see […]


How Your Business May be Affected by Changes to the Law

Business May be Affected by Changes to the Law

How Your Business May be Affected by Changes to the Law from 1 July 2018 You may not be aware of them, but there are a number of changes to the law that came into effect from 1 July this year which may have an impact on your business.  National minimum wage and penalty rate […]


Recent amendments to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (NSW)

Environmental Planning Assessment

As of earlier this year the laws surrounding planning and development in New South Wales have seen the most significant changes in the last 40 years, and certainly since the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (“EPA Act”) came into effect. The EPA Act was recently amended with a raft of significant changes following extensive […]


Wanting to increase the sale price of your business?

The benefit of maximising the value of your IP Over many years I have acted for business owners wanting to sell their businesses. Always they are looking to maximise the same price and as my business broker friend tells me they are, as Darryl in the Castle movie puts it so eloquently: “they are dreaming”. […]


Raea Khan Circle
Director Lawyer
Raea Khan

Raea is Managing Director and Principal Lawyer for PBl Law Group. Raea assists clients with major projects, property developments, construction and strata law.

He has worked in Western Australia and Queensland assisting with expansion projects in the energy and resource sector and now predominately advises clients in Strata and Community Association matters.

He is a member of the Australian College of Strata Lawyers where majority of his work is advising developers and owners corporations with dispute related minor and major defects, strata governance and common property litigation. He is proficient at leading negotiations and meetings.

Raea has a particular interest in the commercial aspect of any dispute and always tries to weigh up the risk, reward and benefit of legal proceedings at each different stage.

Raea enjoys all forms of competitive sport, including Crossfit and actively participates in Triathlons, representing Australia as an age group athlete. He was a member of Red Head Surf Lifesaving club.

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