Smoking in Strata Buildings – What are the Rules?

Smoking in close quarters to others has become a controversial topic. Laws around Australia are progressively restricting smoking in places that might affect others more and more. As a result, smoking in strata buildings creates an inevitable opportunity for conflict. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the major topics around smoking in strata buildings. […]


Contracting Essentials – Who is your Contract With?

There are a few fundamental questions we ask our clients about every potential contract dispute that comes our way. One that’s nearly at the top of the list is this: who is your contract with? Now that might sound like a silly question to some, but in a world with sole traders, partnerships, trusts, companies, […]


What is a Strata Renewal, and How do you Make One Happen?

Setting up strata lots and common property is one thing. It involves a fairly complicated process, document drafting and lots of red tape to get through. But what about the process when some owners want to redevelop the strata complex, or sell the entire scheme? That process is called “strata renewal”, and in this article, […]


When an Owners Corporation Fails to Comply with a Tribunal Order

It’s not every day that the Tribunal orders an Owners Corporation (OC) to pay a penalty, but it can happen. Recently PBL Law Group (Alex Ilkin Strata Lawyers) acted for the Westburys – owners of a lot in a scheme. In this case the OC had already been ordered earlier to perform rectification works to […]


Is your Strata Scheme Building Falling into Disrepair?

strata scheme lawyers sydney

As individual owners, most people maintain their premises as best they can. They patch walls, touch up the paint, repair damage and keep things in good order. But what about common property in a strata scheme? Whose job is it to take care of that, and how does the process work? What are the Obligations […]


What is an Owners Corporation, and What does it Do?

One of the fundamentals associated with Strata Law in NSW is the concept of an owners corporation. So if you’re looking at buying into any kind of strata scheme or getting into the development and construction of strata property, then you need to understand what the owners corporation is and what it does. What is […]


Is there GST on Strata Levies?

gst lawyers sydney

Navigating the complexities of the Australian tax system, particularly in relation to strata management, can be daunting for most property owners. A common question that arises is whether the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is charged on strata levies in New South Wales. Strata levies, raised by the body corporate or owners corporation to fund […]


Cyber Attacks: Why we blame the business and not the attackers

Rather than businesses being perceived as a ‘victim’ of cyber attacks, growing public perception is that they are ‘failures’ who did not have adequate cyber security measures in place. THE TRUE COST OF CYBER-ATTACKS While the cyber attacker maintains anonymity, a business’s good name and reputation is irreparably harmed as the public loses trust. This […]


5 Uninteresting but Crucial Components of Profitable Projects

The world of construction is, unfortunately, replete with projects that go south. And it’s true – sometimes this is because of a dramatic event – a single point of failure, catastrophic and terminal for the responsible players. More often, though, the project dies a death of a thousand cuts. Small, seemingly insignificant burdens layer themselves […]


The Benefits of Strategic Advice When Your Business is Stressed

It’s no secret that 2020 offered crazy times for many businesses around NSW and Australia. Suddenly, the things that many boards and owners took for granted were turned on their heads. Cash flow, revenue streams, expenses, credit terms, insurance possibilities, imports and exports, supply and demand – they all changed overnight. Not to mention that […]


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Director Lawyer
Raea Khan

Raea is Managing Director and Principal Lawyer for PBl Law Group. Raea assists clients with major projects, property developments, construction and strata law.

He has worked in Western Australia and Queensland assisting with expansion projects in the energy and resource sector and now predominately advises clients in Strata and Community Association matters.

He is a member of the Australian College of Strata Lawyers where majority of his work is advising developers and owners corporations with dispute related minor and major defects, strata governance and common property litigation. He is proficient at leading negotiations and meetings.

Raea has a particular interest in the commercial aspect of any dispute and always tries to weigh up the risk, reward and benefit of legal proceedings at each different stage.

Raea enjoys all forms of competitive sport, including Crossfit and actively participates in Triathlons, representing Australia as an age group athlete. He was a member of Red Head Surf Lifesaving club.

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