Illegal parking disputes in strata: What to do about unauthorised parking on common property?

Parking issues, particularly those arising from unauthorised use of parking spaces, have long been a source of major concern for strata schemes across New South Wales. Whether it’s residents occupying unallocated spaces, visitors disregarding designated areas, or the perplexing presence of abandoned vehicles, parking spots in strata settings often becomes a focal point for disputes […]

How can I charge my electric vehicle in my apartment? A comprehensive guide to charge an electric car if you live in an apartment.

The surge in sustainable transport, notably electric vehicles (EVs), is gaining momentum. This evolution amplifies the need for effective and readily available charging points, especially in high-density locales such as strata schemes. In New South Wales, integrating EV charging solutions in strata schemes requires looking into personal rights, strata laws and laws regarding electric vehicles. […]

Limitation periods to claim damages for common property defects: How long do Lot Owners have to hold owners corporation liable for building defects?

Understanding strata schemes can be complex, especially when trying to comprehend the various rights and obligations outlined in the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (SSM Act). Section 106 of the SSM Act provides clear guidance on the responsibility of the owners corporation to maintain and repair common property and any personal property vested in it. […]

What to do if the owners corporation fail to repair common property defects

Navigating through disputes related to the maintenance and repair of strata property consistently presents challenges in New South Wales. For lot owners, a pivotal hurdle is handling situations where the owners corporation does not adequately maintain and repair common property defects. Conversely, the owners corporation may find the legal processes following a failure to repair […]

What to do if you have no supporting paperwork in a strata dispute in NSW

Embarking on a strata dispute without paperwork might seem daunting. Evidence is crucial, yet there are occasions when traditional forms of it, like documents, are simply not available due to loss, damage, or previous neglect in keeping records. So, how do we proceed when such a scenario unfolds? How do you garner the trust of […]

What must be the nature and extent of Repairing Common Property defects in NSW

The allure of strata ownership in NSW has steadily amplified, presenting both a robust investment avenue and a vibrant living option. However, this experience is often punctured by a rising tide of disputes among lot owners, strata management, and owners corporations, particularly around the hotbed issue of common property repairs and defective building work. So, […]

Implications of the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 on Strata Defects

Navigating the intricacies of strata property ownership in NSW can be challenging. Strata owners often grapple with defects, face repair expenses, and sometimes even find themselves in disputes within the owners corporation. However, a beacon of hope emerges for them. With the increasing number of strata defects and associated disputes in NSW, the Design and […]

Renting Your Strata Apartment on Airbnb: A Guide for Strata Landlords

Considering the appeal of platforms like Airbnb, many strata property owners are intrigued by the idea of listing their spaces. Maybe you’ve contemplated renting out an extra bedroom, or you’re thinking of traveling and wish to monetize your apartment while you’re away? The allure of short-term rentals isn’t just about financial gains; it also contributes […]

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Raea Khan

Raea is Managing Director and Principal Lawyer for PBl Law Group. Raea assists clients with major projects, property developments, construction and strata law.

He has worked in Western Australia and Queensland assisting with expansion projects in the energy and resource sector and now predominately advises clients in Strata and Community Association matters.

He is a member of the Australian College of Strata Lawyers where majority of his work is advising developers and owners corporations with dispute related minor and major defects, strata governance and common property litigation. He is proficient at leading negotiations and meetings.

Raea has a particular interest in the commercial aspect of any dispute and always tries to weigh up the risk, reward and benefit of legal proceedings at each different stage.

Raea enjoys all forms of competitive sport, including Crossfit and actively participates in Triathlons, representing Australia as an age group athlete. He was a member of Red Head Surf Lifesaving club.

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